Tissue Models

Bioprinted Tissue Models

The biggest advantage of bioprinting technology compared to conventional cell seeding techniques lays in its ability to generate mutlicellular tissue niches with a high level of micro-structural organization. As a result, bioprinted tissue models mimic native tissue function more closely and more reliably than conventional cell seeding cultures.

Drug- and Toxicology Screening

Due to their high compliance with native tissue function, bioprinted tissue models are an ideal choice for drug- and toxicity screening assays. Companies that apply bioprinted tissue models profit twice.

  • The impact of potential therapeutics or potentially hazardous substances can be identified at an early stage in the development pipeline, saving time and resources.
  • Tissue models originating from human cells enable an improved forecast on how therapeutics or toxic substances would react in the human body, reducing the risk of running into failed clinical trials.

Bioprinted Tissues-on-a-Chip

Black Drop supports its clients with miniaturized bioreactor chips and suitable mounts to enable bioprinting of custom designed tissues-on-a-chip. At customer’s option Black Drop also delivers already printed tissue models ready-to-use.

If you are interested in generating your own tissue-on-a-chip or you intend to purchase ready-to-use tissue models, please contact us today. Together we can discuss the desired application and find the most reasonable and most economic solution.