Black Drop supplies a variety of bioinks for different applications. The inks are optimized for printing using the BioPrintingCartridge system.

Black Drop BioInks can be delivered in two ways, either in a flask to be loaded in the printer on-site, or preloaded and ready to use in a Black Drop BioPrintingCartridge.

Flask Delivery

Delivery of a specific volume of bioink in a flask (5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml). Depending on the ordered bioink type the delivery comprises separate substances that have to be prepared and mixed on-site.

Cartridge Delivery

The bioink is prepared and loaded into the BioPrintingCartridge at Black Drop. The client only needs to mount it to the printer and can start printing immediately. For cartridge delivery a deposit for the borrowed cartridge has to be payed, which will be refunded upon return of the cartridge.

Please note: cartridge delivery is only possible for selected Black Drop BioInks.


Each ink is delivered with a document describing the rheological behavior of the material, the optimal printing parameters (nozzle size, pressure), and the expected nozzle shear stress, which determines the post-printing cell viability.