DropGun Hand-Dispenser

DropGun is a handheld dispenser that integrates the full function of the Black Drop cartridge system in a handy case. It enables precise dispensing of single drops of bioink or other viscous materials at the push of a button. The bioink filled cartridge can be heated and cooled.

DropGun Users

DropGun is designed for bioink developers that are seeking to examine the printability of their material. It is made for scientists that routinely handle small amounts of viscous materials and are tired of pipetting them. Finally, DropGun is the ideal choice for bioprinting freshmen that want to experience 3D-bioprinting in a playful manner.

DropGun Controller

The DropGun system comes with a compact controller that enables the user to switch between different operating modes. The user can choose between single shot, multi shot (10, 100, 1,000 drops), and jet mode. Using a USB-interface the valve gating time and temperature can be adjusted, too.