Service and Consulting

Bioprinting Related Services

In order to provide our clients and partners with the best possible support, Black Drop offers a range of bioprinting related services, including consulting, analysis, and educational programs.


Black Drop advices investors and decision-makers from industry, politics, and non-governmental organizations in bioprinting related affairs. Contact us today, if you want to profit from our perennial experience in bioprinting and our vast scientific, political, and industrial network.


Black Drop offers experimental analyses in rheology, fluid-dynamics, and biology. We encourage biomaterial scientists and bioprinting engineers to request a full rheological and/or biofunctional analysis of their latest bioink formulation. We test the printability, gelation kinetics, printing related shear stress, post-printing cell-viability, and long-term biofunctionality of your material.

We help academic or industrial bioprinting system architects in characterizing and optimizing their printing process by fluid-dynamics modelling.

Please contact us today, if you are interested in experimental anaylses.


To broaden the bioprinting community, to maintain a common level of expertise, and to ensure full-fledged young-talents, Black Drop offers biannual educational courses.

Please contact us well in advance, if you want to participate in one of our educational programs.