Black Drop Biodrucker GmbH is a German 3D-bioprinting company located in the heart of Europe.

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Bioprinting is a biomedical key technology that has the potential to improve medical patient treatment in multiple ways.

Bioprinted tissue analogues, such as skin, liver, or heart muscle patches, resemble native organ function more closely than conventional cell cultures. Using these models for drug and toxicity screening, time and resources for development of novel pharmaceutics can dramatically be decreased. Moreover, building tissue models from patient derived cells enables tailored therapies with reduced side-effects.

In the future bioprinted tissue implants could be used to maintain, restore, or substitute the function of damaged tissues.


Together with our clients we seek to exploit the full potential of 3D-bioprinting technology in order to enhance patient care.

In this way we provide our clients with state-of-the-art bioprinting hard- and software as well as highly biofunctional bioinks. On request we construct individualized bioprinting systems and develop tailored bioinks. In addition, our services include consulting, biomaterial characterization and fluid-dynamics optimization of your bioprinting process.

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Black Drop participates in 3 M€ funded EU-Initiative “Taktira” on Tumor Modelling for Drug-Screening

Bioprinting technology plays a major role in developing biomimetic tissue models for drug-screening and toxicity testing. In the recently funded EU-project “Taktira”, led by Syntab Therapeutics, a new class of immuno-oncologics are developed and validated. The research consortium comprises eight partners from academia and industry: Syntab Therapeutics (Würselen), Gremse-IT (Aachen), TECO Development (Rheinbach), and Black …

Black Drop joins European Trans Tech Diagnostics Initiative on Cardiovascular Diseases

  Trans Tech Diagnostics focuses on developing better options for identification of heart disease Partners Universiteit Maastricht (CARIM, lead partner), Universiteit Hasselt (BIOMED), VITO, TSG InnoteQ, PimBio, Tenco DDM, DSP Valley, BONNÉ+JAN, de Keuzearchitecten, Fox Biosystems and Black Drop focus on developing better options for identification of cardiovascular diseases within the Interreg Flanders-The Netherlands project …

3D-bioprinted capillary-like networks as versatile organ-on-a-chip platform

Last month, the 44th Annual Conference of the European Society for Artificial Organs was held in Vienna. The conference offered a diverse program with impressive talks and fascinating posters. Andreas Blaeser, scientist at RWTH Aachen and CEO of Black Drop Biodrucker GmbH, demonstrated recent progress in 3D-bioprinting research. In the session Tissue Engineering & Regenerative …


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Black Drop is always looking forward to include novel bioink formulations, innovative dispensing methods, or biomimetic tissue models in its product portfolio. If you are convinced to have a competitive product, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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