Black Drop participates in 3 M€ funded EU-Initiative “Taktira” on Tumor Modelling for Drug-Screening

Bioprinting technology plays a major role in developing biomimetic tissue models for drug-screening and toxicity testing. In the recently funded EU-project “Taktira”, led by Syntab Therapeutics, a new class of immuno-oncologics are developed and validated. The research consortium comprises eight partners from academia and industry: Syntab Therapeutics (Würselen), Gremse-IT (Aachen), TECO Development (Rheinbach), and Black Drop Biodrucker (Aachen), as well as the Institute of Laboratory Animal Science, the Institute for Experimental Molecular Imaging and the Clinic for Gynaecology of the University Hospital RWTH Aachen as well as the Institute for Biological Chemistry of the University of Vienna. The consortium investigates a new class of immuno-oncologics that activate the innate immune system and at the same exhibit higher efficacy and better bioavailability than existing compounds. Black Drop supports the consortium with 3D-bioprinting technology and expertise on the biofabrication of vascularized tumor models.



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