Custom Designs

Custom Designed Systems

Black Drop develops custom designed bioprinting solutions optimized for our clients needs. These can either be customizations of the existing SuperFill printer or the construction of a completely new, unique printing system.

SuperFill Modifications

Based on the SuperFill printing system we offer customized modifications, e. g. mounts for specific printing platforms, or modifications of the BioPrinting-Cartridge nozzle. In addition, we offer to design and build customized bioreactors and bioreactor chips.

Unique Printing Systems

For clients with special needs we offer unique bioprinting solutions, for instance:

  • Application of specific robotics (e.g. industrial robotics)
  • tailored machines for novel bioprinting processes (e.g. submerged bioprinting),
  • integration of innovative bioink dispensing mechanisms, and
  • construction of novel printing platforms (e.g. rotating bioink collectors).

Please Contact Us

If you are interested in a custom designed bioprinting system, please contact us today. Together we can discuss your requirements and find the best and most economic solution.