The Black Drop cartridge system is an easy to use plug-and-play solution that enables fast and reliable exchange of bioink cartridges. The cartridges are optimized for contactless drop-on-demand bioprinting of cell-laden bioinks. An adapter additionally enables microextrusion of highly viscous materials. Each cartridge can be heated and cooled individually.

Drop Volume

The drop volume can be controlled by adjusting the nozzle size (150-600 µm), the air pressure, and the viscosity of the applied bioink.

Cell Viability

Black Drop BioPrintingCartridges were designed to maintain ultra-high post-printing cell viability. This is only possible by controlling the printing related shear stress. Using fluid-dynamics modelling the rheological properties of the bioink, the printing pressure, and the applied nozzle size can be adjusted to achieve optimal results. Thus, post-printing cell viability exceeds the levels of other non-optimized printing modalities.