SuperFill Bioprinter

Black Drop SuperFill is a highly versatile, drop-on-demand bio-printing system. It integrates the innovative Black Drop cartridge system with a modern 3-axis tabletop robotic and an exchangeable printing platform.

SuperFill Users

Black Drop SuperFill was designed for 3D-bioprinting scientists, physicians, and laboratory assistants working in university or industry. The printing system and the accompanying software are easy to use and therefore quickly enable new users to operate the system. Since it offers a broad range of adjustable settings, it at the same time is a highly valuable tool for experienced bioprinting experts, that seek to customize their printing process.

Modular Platform Technology

The modular printing platform enables integration of different mounts for standard lab vessels, such as petri dishes or well-plates, as well as for custom designed bioreactors. The platform provides in- and outlet channels for cooling and heating fluids.